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Here at Plus Size R Us we believe in showcasing the beauty and confidence of full-figured women with stylish and flattering plus size clothing. 
A family-run Australian plus size clothing company, we started our company with the belief that women of plus sizes should have the same array of choices in clothing and fashion, so every woman can look and feel her best each and every day. 
Whether you’re looking for the perfect blouse, dress pants, casual skirt, or cocktail dress, Plus Size R Us has it all, featuring the best fits, styles and cuts for women who don’t fall into the standard fashion niche. No more finding a piece of clothing you love but a size that doesn’t fit. Here you can shop with confidence and excitement, knowing we are here to serve your plus size needs.
Plus size clothing shouldn’t hide a full-figured woman’s body. It should enhance the natural beauty inherent to it. We only sell plus size clothing that flatters a plus size woman’s figure, making sure our sizes do not constrict or confine, and the fit will not hide the natural curves. We encourage our customers to experiment with waistlines, accessories and more so that each can feel the satisfaction of dressing herself with the utmost care and attention every woman deserves. 
We strive to offer not only the best choices in plus size clothing, but also the best experience in online shopping—providing conscientious, quick email service and worldwide shipping. 
21st century fashion designers are beginning to take the hint, thanks to customers like you and companies like us, that not all women are shaped the same. Come alongside us and celebrate a beautiful, confident you with Plus Size R Us clothing today.

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